Flat Belly Overnight Reviews – Does it work?

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Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight Reviews

flat bellyFlat Belly Overnight is the latest presented slimming solution from Andrew Raposo. The most interesting fact about this program is that it promises to help you drop belly fat, without doing any hard work. It is true, the author claims that by getting to know his trick, anybody can lose belly fat by simply following it – before sleeping.

He says that if anybody knows this trick he can have a flat belly tomorrow morning. This claim does not appear to be logically true but in order to judge the effectiveness of the program, one should perform in-depth analysis. For better understanding of what it is all about, I have reviewed the product in detail.

Andrew, who is the author of this Flat Belly Overnight Program is a professional fighter, and claims to have used this trick for many years in order to attain a better shape. He further says that he never thought that his this trick was capable of changing or altering lives of people who are not fighters. He says that his trick saved life of his elder sister, and he came to knew by this incident, that it can even work for people who are not fighters *.

Flat Belly Overnight Review – An Introduction:

According to Andrew, the author of Flat Belly Overnight program, his older sister Amy was struggling with her health, and then she dropped weight in a few weeks, by using a trick that he used for years, to attain a better body shape. He says that his sister tried everything, like all other people but she always struggled and never lost fat. *

Andrew says that there is a notion, that diet and exercise are the things that can solve overweight problems, but the reality is that people really struggle with diet and exercise. He also says that there are people, who have tried diet and exercise and haven’t got any results. In his Flat Belly Overnight program, he claims that if we follow diet and exercise plans, not only results of our efforts are underwhelming, but there are also various side effects that we all have to face. Such side effects include not being able to lose fat from desired parts of body, muscular and joint pains, hunger, decrease in energy and physical and in most cases lower back injuries.

He also says that if things does not work for us, it does not mean that we should hold on to excess fat. It is very dangerous and excess fat can very soon develop diabetes type 2. Holding on extra fat can be cause of other diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease.

In Flat Belly Overnight program, Andrew criticizes nutrition and fitness experts who believe eating lot of fruits and vegetables, high intensity exercises, interval training, lower carbohydrate levels and decreasing calorie intake can help in melting down excess body fat. He says that these tips are not worthless, they can work but they do not work because the authors fail to instruct readers how to use them. He says that this is the major reason due to which so many products fail to provide us with desired results.

Flat Belly Overnight Program – Why won’t traditional diet and exercise work?

The author believes that traditional nutrition regimes and traditional workouts are ineffective for the most of the people. They can work for some people but for a very small period of time. In Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Overnight program, the author explains that people who are above 40, if follow traditional diet and workout they are likely to have an opposite effect. He says that it will happen because as we get older there occurs a hormonal change. With age there is stomach inflammation, hormones shift and slowing down of metabolism. These factors make it easy to gain weight, and a lot more difficult to get rid of belly fat. He says that one continue to get worst, if he or she follows traditional workout and diet plans because:

In real, foods and vegetables hurt your ability to lose fat. This is because they are treated with toxic substances. These substances increase inability to lose fat. The more fruits and vegetables you will use, the more will fat burning hormones decrease. As a result there will be increase in “Leptin” and other various hormones that will totally diminish fat burning process.

Taking a diet that is low in carbohydrate can make your heart beat uncontrollable. You will be more exposed to heart diseases more than ever.

Calories boost your metabolism, if you will cut short your calories you will be decreasing energy of your body. You will have slow metabolism and also your body will not have enough energy to burn fat.

The so called high intensity training will actually damage your joints and will cause inflammations within your body. You will be having more health issues than before.

Andrew Raposo Flat Belly Overnight Program – Benefits:

Andrew Raposo Flat Belly Overnight Program claims that you can lose fat pretty fast, by following a simple trick. This trick can be used again and again to get continued results. It is also claimed that just after the use of this program, the follower will notice back fat fading and vanishing; joint pain decreasing and boosts in overall body energy. * Andrew claims that his Flat Belly Overnight program will:

  • Totally eliminate all the toxic materials from body
  • Increase in body’s metabolism
  • Balance and increase the number of hormones that are very helpful in eradicating fat
  • Provide body cells with more oxygen and excrete dangerous carbon dioxide by activating various natural processes.
  • Stop production of hormones that stop body from decreasing fat
  • Reduce pain associated with any physical activity and flatten belly.

flat belly overnight

It should also be noted that this program does not involves any kind of calorie counting, nor asks for following any specific diet plan. It can also be used by people who are having diabetes type 2 as it is totally capable of transforming their health condition also. Also, your mileage may vary, so do not expect same results in each case.

What does Flat Belly Overnight Program contain?

Flat belly Overnight by Andrew Raposo is quite simple and easy to follow program. It is divided in three parts and purchasing the program you will be given instant access to all the material.

Detox Formula: This part contains information about foods and tells their effects on human body. It includes list of many herbs that can be used to detoxify human body from all harmful substances. It is a part that can really help you with food combinations and increasing body overall energy. You can use information to decrease fat production and storage and also prevent inflammations within body.

“Done for You” template: This is the foundation of the system. It is a very informational template that teaches you what is required to be done in order to get desired results. It is just like a protocol that should be properly and precisely followed in order to boost metabolic processes and increase hormone productions.
3-minute belly flattening exercises: This part tells various exercises and teaches how to perform them effectively without getting any injury. It also talks about proper breathing and other techniques that can boost the effectiveness of the program.

Our impression about the program?

I must admit that this program seems to be a very useful one. If contains very useful information and is very well written. It can be said after analyzing its content that there is a strong possibility that it will work. * One cannot be so sure and, I cannot say or guarantee that this program will turn your life around, but there are so many reviews on web that demonstrate that it is a working solution.

If you are a victim of overweight, I will recommend you this program. The reason is that you have got nothing to lose. It is a program that has a refund policy and there is nothing to worry about. Your money is getting nowhere, you can simply purchase and implement its techniques and if it does not work for you, you can return it. So, when you have an opportunity to get the program and try it and you know your money is secure, you might want to give it a try.

I tried my best in making you understand all there is to know about this program, and I hope you would have found this review quite helpful. If you have any questions, simply ask me by using Contact Me page.

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* result may vary from person to person and case to case

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